Tennis Balls Can be Dangerous To Dogs

Jumping Border 1Everywhere that there are dogs, there will be some of them carrying and playing fetch with tennis balls.

However, tennis balls can be dangerous, and can also wear down dogs teeth if chewed very frequently.

Why can tennis balls be dangerous?

Tennis balls can become trapped in a dog’s throat. When a dog is playing with a tennis ball, particularly playing catch, the ball can move into the back of the mouth and block the throat. This can happen in any size of dog, but is much more likely to happen with bigger dogs since their mouths are bigger and their jaws can open wider.

On the top ten list of items that dogs swallow by accident, tennis balls are number 5.

If a tennis ball is lodged in a dog’s throat is not removed quickly they can choke to death. If necessary push the ball up the throat towards the mouth form the outside, so you can grab it and remove it.

The fuzzy felt on the outside of a standard tennis ball can be abrasive for teeth. This is unlikely to be a problem for dogs that don’t chew tennis balls all the time. But, for those dogs that are obsessive about tennis balls and chew on and destroy the outside of the ball, they can cause some damage to their teeth. Balls can be purchased that do not have an abrasive covering such as Ballistic Dog Dental Ball HDs, $1.50 per ball from Entirely Pets (Free one Small Bonies with any order with coupon code FREEBONIES2).

Since tennis balls can be a choking hazard for dogs, keep an eye on your dog while they are playing with a ball, so that you can remove the ball if they swallow it.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Sam Cockman

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