Feeding A Dog Food When They Do Not Want To Eat

which hand?Many dogs end up at some time on a restricted diet for some reason. Food allergies and food intolerance are probably the most common reason.

A lot of dogs do not find the special foods for restricted very palatable. Many dogs will not eat the food until they are very hungry. Trying to put in their mouth often is not successful. Often a dog will turn their head, and if you do manage to get it into the mouth, they will spit it out.

How do you get a dog to eat the food? Sometimes it is really difficult.

One thing I have found that works for the Hankster is to make feeding a game.

We have a game where I sit down and have the food behind me, pick up a piece in one hand behind my back and then present him with two hands. He has to guess which hand the food is in. He nudges the hand he thinks the food is in with his muzzle. I open that hand and if there is food in there he eats it. If not he then nudges the other hand. I will wait to open the other hand for a couple of seconds, then open it and let him have the food. Most of the time I can tell by where he is looking, which hand he is going for. By putting the food in the second hand most of the time, and being slow to open the hand, he will eat the food without thinking about it. It takes a while but he does eat the food.

Does anybody else have a good method for getting their dog to eat food that they don’t like or want to eat?

Creative Commons License photo credit: Just Jefa

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